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The 10 Best Cat Nail Clippers for Your Cat in 2021

Every few weeks, the cat nail clippers is necessary for your pet’s welfare. It will save your couch, tables, and other furniture, and not just help yourself, your pet, and your neighbors. Nail-trimming, a simple and easy alternative to declawing. It involves surgeon amputation and can exacerbate behavioral and health issues.

Cat Nail Clipper can help you trim the claws at home. A nail clipper is a mechanical hand tool (also called as nail cutter or nipper) used to trim fingernails to avoid cat nail ingrown. But where do you even start when it comes to your cat’s choice of the best nail clippers? Depending on whether you have a new kitten, a tiny cat, or a huge cat with bigger than normal paws, the kind you’re going to need can vary.

It will make your life easier to pick the right nail clippers for the job and also mean that you will stop getting scratched, which is always a positive thing! Trying to use larger clippers to trim the small claws of a kitten can also run the risk of cutting through the fragile fast of their nail, contributing to plenty of remorse for cat owners!

10 Best Cat Nail Clippers To Buy

Luckily, we’ve researched cat nail clippers and put together a comprehensive list of the best 10 for you, so you’ll have everything you need to safely trim your kitty’s nails at home.

1. Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers

  • A compact design that adds a great deal to your grooming kit is the Pet Republique Cat Clipper. 
  • For a non-slip grip, these scissors have rubber around the inside of the handles. Those with larger hands can find their fingers feeling a bit squished in these scissors, though comfortable for most.
  • The blades on these scissors are sharp enough for your cat’s nails to operate easily, without any splintering. 
  • The sharpness of their blades makes Pet Republique so confident that they sell a four-year warranty. They guarantee that for years their blades will remain sharp and that the product as a whole won’t fall apart.  
  • If you want a straightforward pair of nail clippers, it’s a perfect pick. Even better, the American Animal Welfare Society pays 15 percent of its earnings from each pair sold, so you can realize that you help rescue animals at the same time!
  • In the event the device falls apart or blades dull, Clippers have a four-year warranty. 
  • Built for right and left-handed persons, both
  • They contribute15% of the revenue to an animal charity.

It might be uncomfortable to hold on if you have big hands

Pet Republique

2. Safari Professional Cat Nail Clippers

  • The Safari clippers, being a pliers-type trimmer, are suitable for cats and small to medium-sized dogs. They are useful, however, in a pinch, on smaller animals like rabbits. 
  • Safari uses blades of stainless steel that are almost as sharp as the claws of your cat, before you trim them, that is. Without any crushing or splintering, this ensures a clean cut through the nail. With a screw and a washer, they kept together, making them easy to tighten should they ever fall loose. 
  • During a trim, the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer does not keep you protected from the vengeful claws of your cat, but they do have a safety guard to stop over-trimming.
  • However, safety guards are not foolproof, so note to prevent the pink portion of your cat’s nail from being cut. Although the guard can be helpful, it tends to flop around a bit, so before going in for a cut, be sure it’s exactly where you want it. The blades on this trimmer can be locked shut when not in use, like most pliers.
  • Pliers-style clippers fit each hand.
  • Can also be applicable for dogs
  • You can tightened up the blades at home
  • For small cats and kittens, it may be too large for. 
Safari Professional 1

3. Shiny Cat Nail Clippers

  • These clippers were designed to be ergonomic and are therefore comfortable to hold in the hands. They are lightweight and non-slip, too. Unfortunately, when you cut, the plastic can hit together and make a clicking sound. This may scare your cat, especially if it’s already uncomfortable to cut the nails.
  • These Pet nail clippers are super sharp and will cut your cat’s nails easily without splintering. The stainless-steel blades are at a 20-degree angle, making it easier to see where you are cutting.
  • Though it’s not the end of the world that you trim a little of your cat’s toe hair, these scissors are easy to maneuver around your paws so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Shiny Pet nail clippers have no special safety features because they are scissors. However, the angle of the blades makes it easy to see exactly where you are cutting.
  • They’re also a little tight when it comes to opening and closing, so the blades stay in place until you’re ready to cut.
  • Anti-slip handles are comfortable and safe.
  • Angled blades provide you with an ideal cut
  • Larger hands will have difficulty dealing with these scissor-style clippers. 

4. JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail Clippers


This nail clipper for cats was designed to make nail clipping quick and easy, making it a comfortable experience for both you and your kitty. The Best Cat Grooming Tool is suitable for all sizes of cats as well as nails.

For ease of use, it comes with a non-slip rubber handle that will not move or shift when trimming is underway. It has short blades to ensure accurate and safe nail trimming. The short overall allows easy control and maneuverability. The bright yellow color of the grips makes them easier to spot if your cat has a habit of hiding the nail trimmers (or you appear to misplace them yourself).

Apart from cats, JW clippers work best on small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. They are too small for most dogs, especially that dogs tend to have thicker nails. They can, however, may useful for toy breeds.

  • Terrific value for resources
  • Ergonomic hold
  • Blade of stainless-steel
  • Small dimensions
JW Pet Company

5. Epica Professional Cat Nail Clippers

  • To provide a strong, durable grip, the Epica nail clippers have ridges and a rubber coating. It is comfortable and easy to carry regardless of whether you have big or small hands, being a plier-type. Similarly, whether you are right or left-handed, it doesn’t matter. 
  • For nail clippers, sharp blades are extremely necessary and Epica certainly delivers. Like a knife through butter, the blades on this cut, which means you can finish trimming the nails fast enough that your cat can decide to spare your life.
  • The sharp blades also mean that to get through the nail, you won’t need to use a lot of pressure, and the cuts will be even and clean. No nails or hangnails splintered here!
  • You’ll want to buy this clipper’s “Small/Medium” size for your cat as it can be a little more difficult for the big one to move around slender nails. This method would also work for her if you have a puppy, as long as she’s not a big breed. You may also use the Epica nail clippers on tiny rodents such as guinea pigs and rabbits.
  • It can sometimes be hard to move the guard on this product, which can be remedied by loosening the bolt holding it in place. It also runs around a track so that you can’t fill the whole opening of the blades with it. This is a little painful, but it still works.
  • Stainless-Steel Blade. 
  • Comfortable & slippage-resistant handles. 
  • Lifetime warranty. 
  • Make sure to order from the available choices the small/medium size. For a cat, the large size is much too big!
Cat Nail Clippers

6. BOSHEL Nail Clippers

  • The Boshel nail clippers possess an ergonomic handle. The grip is soft and non-slip to help prevent accidents. While the grip is slip-resistant overall, the ridges of other similar models, such as the Epica nail clippers on our list, are missing.
  • While this system can certainly be used on cats, it is a little tall. The size can make it a tad tricky to navigate for some, especially with a finicky cat.
  • Look no further if you are searching for something to use on both your cat and your dog. For small to medium-sized dogs, these clippers are excellent. However, they are too large to use on smaller animals, such as rabbits or guinea pigs.
  • When not in use, the blades on the Boshel nail clippers can be locked shut. They even have a security stop to help you avoid clipping the quick of your cat’s nails.
  • Boshel was nice enough to put a nail file in the handle of this clipper. Clipping a cat’s nail sometimes removes the point, but you may still find the edges of the nail a bit sharp. This is where a nail file might be helpful. If your cat is going to allow it, that’s it.
  • Includes a file in the handle. 
  • Sharp blades of stainless steel are robust and cut neatly.
  • Ideal for cutting the nails of dogs too. 
  • The larger size can make maneuvering around the paws difficult, particularly when the cat is squirmy. 
Cat Nail Clippers

7. H&H Pets Cat Nail Clippers

  • For all sorts of small animals, the H&H Pets nail clippers are ideal. The blades on this nail clipper are made of stainless steel, so they are durable and resistant to rust. While these clippers have no features such as a safety guard or locking blades, their design makes them easy to move around the paws of your cat.
  • You can see exactly how much nail you take off, making the process a lot more secure. The non-slip coating offers a safe grip on the H&H Pets nail clippers and feels relaxed on the side.
  • Thanks to its ambidextrous nature, whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, this product will work for you. People with big hands can find this product to be too small for them. 
  • H&H provides a three-year guarantee that you can register on their website for this product, but they do not include any specifics on exactly what is protected.
  • If you want to support animal rescues, then you will be delighted to know that 15% of the earnings of H&H are donated to animal rescue organizations.
  • Easy to handle 
  • Fits well with a range of small animals
  • Maybe it’s too small for big hands
  • No information on what covers by the included guarantee. 
Cat Nail Clippers

8. JOFUYU Cat Nail Clippers for Small Animals 

  • To help avoid injuries, the handles of the JOFUYU nail clippers are easy to carry and coated in a non-slip material. The grip makes it easier to maneuver, especially if when your squirmy cat unexpectedly wrenches her paw away, you have to act quickly.
  • However, they can be awkward or uncomfortable in large hands due to the size of these clippers. On the bright side, for both right-handed and left-handed people, these scissors will work.
  • Durable and sharp stainless-steel blades are provided in this scissor-type clipper. Without pulling or tugging on the nails, they give a clean cut. Very much like your cat’s dagger-like nails on your skin, they slice right through (until you trim them, of course).
  • It is not going to be the best option for big dogs, as you can probably tell by the size of this product. It can, however, work for small breeds and for puppies. If you own any small animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, or the like, then all of your pets will have a great choice.
  • While there are no locking blades or a safety guard for this, the maneuverability and ease of use help avoid injuries.
  • The angled blade makes it easy to navigate and to see where you are cutting. 
  • Sharp blade to make quick, clean cuts 
  • In big hands, it may feel awkward
Cat Nail Clippers

9. Hartz Groomer’s Best Cat Nail Clippers

  • Professional groomers have created the Hartz Groomer’s Best Nail Clipper and it is built to help you achieve the perfect nail trim from the comfort of your own home.
  • There is a half-moon indent in the chunky stainless-steel blade, making it easier to position over your cat’s nails.
  • Hartz says these nail clippers are appropriate for all breeds of cats, but we feel they are too large to be used safely on kittens or small breeds of cats.
  • That said, the hard-wearing metal and plastic construction should last you for a long time, and a one-year satisfaction guarantee also comes with these nail clippers.
  • The ergonomic handle is covered with a soft grip designed to help you with comfort and control as you cut your cat’s nails. 
  • Half-moon blade of stainless steel
  • Security guard
  • Excessively big for small breeds
Cat Nail Clippers

10. Resco Original Cat Nail Clippers


The Resco Original Cat Nail Clippers are hard-duty and are entirely made of stainless steel since they are meant to be used in specialized toiletries. The steel is chromium or red, adding a glittery and enduring finish. It takes time to get used to the guillotine slashing motion, but certain cats and owners seem to favor it.

However, they are slightly too large to cut the nails of the kitten comfortably, so bear in mind that they would not be appropriate for smaller cat breeds either. It’s not possible to buy replacement blades at the moment, so you may have to buy a whole new pair of clippers when your blade starts to dull. 

Cat Nail Clippers
  • Made for professionals 
  • Complicated to use
  • Not appropriate for kittens 
  • Replacement blades are not available

Benefits of Using a Nail Clipper

Clipping the nails of your cat frequently stops the nails from developing too much, leading to painful clots, not to mention the risk of painful wounds on humans!

Some cats don’t have to trim their nails too much, and others need to do them every two weeks. Cutting the nails of your pet can also lead to scraping the outer layers from an aged nail. It is so when cats use their scratching posts or mobilizers, they attempt to remove them!

When you have a cat, it is an excellent way to guarantee that they do not have any issues with this habit when they grow up, when using their hands, and smoothing their nails at a young age.

It’s also quick to train an older cat for trimming their nails, as long as you care, give them plenty of treatments, and start just trimming one to two crashes.

Types of Cat Nail Clippers

There are three main types of nail clippers on the market for cats. You’ll want to pick your choice based on the age of the cat and also based on the frequency with which you expect to clip your cat’s nails:

Scissor Clippers: 
  • To state the obvious, scissor-style clippers look like tiny scissors and are the right size for cats and kittens. They are easy to navigate around the nail so you can still cut precisely where you want to.
  • Although this style usually won’t work on thicker nails like those of dogs (aside from toy breeds), it can be used on other small mammals like rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and ferrets.
  • The compact size of these clippers makes them easy to store (and easy to misplace) (and easy to misplace). Depending on the design of the handles, people with large hands or fingers will often find this style difficult to wield.
Pliers Type Clippers:  
  • Though pliers-type clippers are usually simple to use, even those intended for cats can be a bit large. The size and the shape make them perfect for cutting thick nails, but they might be a little harder to move around smaller nails than other styles of clippers. 
  • Luckily, the majority of pliers come with a safety guard. This is normally a small piece of a metal set right behind the blades that stop you from moving the nail too far into the crack.
  • This decreases the risk of cutting your cat’s fast and can be pushed out of the way if you choose not to use it. Of course, safety guards aren’t foolproof. If your cat’s nails are somewhat short, you could always end up cutting the fast even with the safety guard on.
  • Although it can be helpful, you do have to use your best judgment when deciding how much nail to cut off.  
Guillotine Clippers
  • Guillotine clippers operate by making a blade that slips out from the handle and cuts everything in its way (in this case, the cat’s nails). They normally have a hoop where you rest your pet’s nail before depressing the handles. Though the idea is similar to a real guillotine, the blade is pushed by squeezing the handles rather than by gravity. 
  • Unlike other kinds of clippers, you have to take caution of how you handle a guillotine. Specifically, you want to have the sharp side of the blade facing you. This means you can’t clip from every angle, so it’s harder to sneakily clip your cat’s nails when she’s sleeping.
  • Although a guillotine with sharp blades will do a great job at cutting your cat’s nails, they might not be the best choice if your cat squirms a lot during a nail trim. For scissors, you should keep the blades against the nail before cutting, and pliers have safety guards. Guillotine clippers, however, don’t give quite as much power.
  • One of the benefits of guillotine-style clippers is that many offer replaceable blades, so you won’t have to buy an entirely new device if the blades get rusty. Instead, you just obey the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the blade and bring in a brand new one.

Buying Guides of a Nail Clipper

Trying to find out which nail clippers are going to suit your cat the best can feel like an uphill battle. Our Buyer’s guide is designed to help you cut through all the details and figure out exactly what it is that you need. Now let’s discuss what to be considered before you buy a clipper for cat nails out of any of these types: 

Reliability of The Blade

The blade is the most significant component of the nail clipper. Regardless of how many extra features it may have, it may become useless if the blade is not sharp enough. It is also necessary at the time of purchase to ensure that the blades are rust-free. A good choice is stainless steel blades.

A sharp blade will make it easy, clean, and painless to cut off the claws, while a blunt one can potentially cause harm to your pet feline or crush the nail. Using a nail and claw clipper whose blade you can sharpen yourself is better, so you can cut your kitty’s nails using a freshly sharpened blade.

Simplicity of Use

Pet nail clippers for cats, as with other items, often come in simple, fancy, and sophisticated versions. Do not buy them only because the fancier models are aesthetically pleasing. Instead, make sure you can make proper use of it. To clip more easily, one must always search for features such as rubber grips or non-slip grips.

Features of Protection

While with a well-behaved cat, cat grooming can seem reasonably straightforward, there are many things that could go wrong. The most significant concern is when you cut really close to the quick and bleeding starts.

Cat clippers are equipped with “quick guards” to account for such situations to keep you from clipping too close to the quick. Many individuals may not like such clippers because they feel that they do not allow them to properly trim the nails. But our recommendation is that because you should not compromise on the well-being of your beloved kitty, you should use such clippers or ones with some other protection feature.

FAQS of a Nail Clipper

How often do I have to trim my cat’s nails?

How often you trim the nails of your cat will depend on your cat. If your cat goes outside or likes to use scratching posts, her nails can remain sluggish for longer. Generally, every 10 days to two weeks you can cut your cat’s nails. If you can even see the nails of your cat when they are sheathed, then she’s probably due for a cut.

What nail clippers am I supposed to use on my cat?

The experience you have will depend on it. We advise you to either use the scissor clippers if you are just starting. You can only pick guillotine clippers if you consider yourself to be an expert. Whatever nail or claw clipper you use, make sure that the blades are sharp and that, after clipping, the nails are carefully filed.

How Do I Identify the Quick?

Many cat’s nails are pale in color, and it’s relatively easy to see. In color, the quick is pink and is located near the innermost part of the nail.

If I Accidentally Cut the quick, what should I do?

In the case of injuries, you should have styptic powder on hand, as adding it to the nail will help stop the bleeding. You may also use cornstarch in a pinch.

How often am I supposed to replace cat nail clippers?

Cat nail clippers last for years, which is why you don’t have to replace them frequently. If there is a way to sharpen the blades of the cat nail clippers, then no replacement is needed at all, as that is the most important part of the clipper. If you notice that your clipper is getting harder to clip with or that you’re hurting the cat or crushing its nails, then it’s time for a replacement.

Can I use my own nail cutter/scissors to cut the claws of my cat?

Please avoid using your nail cutter because it is not hygienic. However, you can use human nail cutters, but make sure they are separate nail cutters for your kitty. If possible, use one of the toenails because it is larger.

Final Reflections

Whether it’s a walk in the park or a march on a battlefield to clip your cat’s nails, it is essential to have a reliable instrument. For you and your cat, a good instrument can make the process faster and more comfortable. Not only that, by doing it yourself, you will save a fair amount of money. You are sure to become a nail-clipping pro with the right tool, if you aren’t already.

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