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The Best 25 Dog Raincoats to Keep Your Dog Dry

Best Raincoats for Your Dog

Taking the dog on everyday walks is part of being a dog owner. Whatever the weather is. Living in the United States of America, being out in the rain is sooner or later possible. But you and your dog mustn’t spoil stuff in the wettest of conditions. Your loved pets will walk away with nice dog raincoats, even though the weather is poor. So choose the best and suitable one for rainy days. We also researched several waterproof dog coats in this article to help you choose the best dog coats suitable for online purchases in the United States of America.

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Do you want a Raincoat for your dog?

Like humans, most dogs aren’t huge rainy weather enthusiasts. Hence, a good quality waterproof dog coat will make the walks even easier. Your dog should use a water-resistant raincoat to maintain its pet warm and dry, even at the worst. If your house gets muddy, it can get cold and shake and a pleasant stroll can become a miserable experience before long.

A rain jacket is not only helping your dog to keep its hair unwrapped. It also can allow them to get rid, once you have completed the exercise, of all the extra water in your car or home.

The Best Dog Raincoats Overall

Here you will get 25 best raincoats to protect and keep safe your beloved pet. Among them our top five picks for you are:

1.Topsung Waterproof Puppy Raincoat
2.RC Pet Products Packable Dog Poncho
3.Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Raincoat
4.Genenic Waterproof Lightweight Rain Poncho
5.Ancol Muddy Paws Dog Coat

Topsung Waterproof Puppy Raincoat

Overview and Features

The Topsung puppy raincoat is the fifth option for the right animal raincoats. It has tender translucent raincoats for smaller dog breeds and even cats. It has made of soft and trendy plastic that is easy for the edge and snap buttons with a single color.

  • 4 colors and 4 available
  • Helping waterproof rain hat
  • Protect your pet with the animals
  • The warmest mode, the
  • This designer pet costume
Topsung Waterproof Raincoat

It looks perfect as outerwear, as the fashion top or underwear of your puppy also appears and looks fit with this translucent cap. The edges and buttons in pink, blue, green, and white colors.

The sizes are between X-small and large. This is one of the highest-rated raincoats for dogs because it folds into a little sack. Races such as Dachshunds, particularly coats and jackets that must cover their whole length, are difficult to dress. It is possible to purchase a much larger product for your body length.

Most raincoat hoods go down at the slip of your head and while you and your animal are out in the rain. It’s useless to keep putting it back in order. Buyers say this is a delightful raincoat, keeping the fuzzy little ones away from the rain and water.


  • The fast snap-on buttons are available in 4 colors and sizes from small to big features
  • Folds in a lightweight sack for simple carriage
  • Soft plastic Made from


  • The design of the clothing looks cheap
  • After a bit, this raincoat will tear easier

RC Pet Products Packable Dog Poncho

Overview and Features

This RC Pet Products poncho raincoat has made of a taffeta shell with a hood and a large velcro rib that fasten around the belly of the dog. It is available in 7 sizes from XX-small to XX-wide. The material in the taffeta defends against rain without getting sticky or uncomfortable. It is lightweight and suitable in the unlined coat for furry, long-haired races.

  • Adjustable waistband Velcro…
  • Behind RC Pet Products…
  • Good for races with long hair…
  • Large suits, longitudinal 21…
  • Water-resistant lightweight… 
RC Pet Packable Dog Poncho

This substance is guaranteed to be replaced or repaired by the producer over the life of your pet. When you head out to walk with him, the Raincoat falls into a little bag that is easy to tuck into your pocket or clip to a leash of your pup.

The texture is somewhat similar, save for the finer, to the normal human raincoats. Animals do not assume that the fine length makes the poncho slim or cheap; the poncho is more convenient to wear for domestic animals. It’s light, not crunchy or hot, and its movements don’t stifle. The owner considers that there is no synthetic scent in any plastic automatically, and the suit was quick to choose.


  • The Brand provides a repair or replacement warranty for the lives of your dog on all its items.
  • Made from a water repellent taffeta shell with a cap and a large Velcro strap that fastens across the belly .
  • Offered in 7 sizes.


  • The shield was a little too large
  • The size is off; it’s a little short

Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Dog Raincoats

Overview and Features

This Fashion Pet Yellow Rain Slicker keeps your pooch dry from moderate to light rain. It consists of a 100% PVC-coated polyester cloth to make it water-resistant. It has a flared collar, a hood, a wide harness, and a leash. Both practical and trendy are reflective strips on the strap and hood.

Ethical Pet Dog Raincoats

Putting on the dog raincoats in the poncho-style is fantastic because when the rain starts, the dog has to go out fast. Potty breaks in the rain will make dogs and their owners such suffering. At least with this raincoat, the dog can run alone without having to be followed by her human being with a parachute. This is one of the finest waterproof dog coats, well made and nice lookers, with the right breed and with the right size.


  • The label has a 100% polyester fabric with a PVC cover to make it washable
  • It is one of the best dog raincoats.
  • Sizes vary between X-small and XX-wide.
  • Styles like Poncho slides over the head of your puppy, so it doesn’t take you to fight for his paws.
  • Features a flared neck, cap, wide stretched belly strap, and open leash


  • The Velcro box is made cheaply and is not necessarily fixed.
  • The size is off and plays a little bit.

Genenic Waterproof Lightweight Dog Raincoats

Overview and Features

Genenic makes a large jacket that protects your dog from heavy downfall without limiting its mobility. It has a poncho-style – pulled around the head – covering your neck from up to your dog’s knuckles.

This rain coat has made of vinyl, medium weight, velcro bellies, adjustable clips for the hind legs. Also it has reflective stripes to make the dog transparent even in poor light environments.

Genenic Waterproof Raincoats

The drawstring hood completely covers the ears, but the breeds of dogs only cover the lower jaw with a long collar. However, buyers considered the Lightweight Rain Jacket Pncho Genenic Waterproof to be useful to keep their dogs dry safely from neck to back. Animal’s owners felt it to suit well with all the belts and loops to protect the coat. It remained well on dogs, even with a little wind and the normal vitality of the puppy. The back pocket and leash openings are considerable enhancements, which owners think during walks are very helpful.


  • Four sizes and five colors.
  • Made from light vinyl with an elasticated internal collar cover
  • Poncho style glides over the head of your puppy, so you don’t have to bother wresting his hands.
  • Reflective strips display the dog in low or dim light.
  • Velcro bellies and elastic loops hold the raincoat safe for the hind legs


  • Size can be hard to grasp, certain breeds can fit and others will not fit as predicted.

Ancol Muddy Paws Dog RainCoat

Overview and Features

The Muddy Paws Dog Coat from Ancol had inspired by outdoor clothes and is a perfect pick when shopping for a comfortable and water-resistant coat at a fair cost.

The jacket is not only flood-resistant, but it also has a comfortable fleece fit to keep the dog warm and dry. The jacket goes over your dog’s head and the bottom part of your chest is covered. The velcro band attaches to the back. It is fixed. You should even put braces in place to protect your dog’s back legs from the back of the suit.

Ancol Muddy  RainCoat

The top is with a zip harness hole so you can attach a bar below the jacket. It also has a thoughtful edge to make the dog more recognizable at night.

This jacket comes in many colors from Small to XX-Large and has red, pink, and chocolate.

The map helps you choose the right size, but the buyer says you have to carefully measure the body long before you purchase this fourth-ranked best dog raincoat and then the chest circle and neck circle. First, make your decision on the duration because, if your dog’s short a raincoat would be good? Then follow the circumference of the chest and neck. This is an exceptional raincoat that keeps dogs soft, but you must choose the choice closest to the size of your dog.


  • Available in three colors and six dimensions.
  • It has a drawstring cap, a back pocket, and a leash opening
  • Made of waterproof material with reflective strip 100 percent polyester
  • Poncho style glides over the head of your puppy, so you don’t have to bother wresting his hands.


  • When you first open the box, it smells like chemical
  • The hole on which the circle of the collar ribs after a few uses

Other Alternatives Raincoats for your Puppy

Bwiv Dog Raincoat with Hood

This Dog Raincoat with Bwiv’s hood crosses several checks when you are searching for a decent value, lightweight waterproof jacket for your dog.

With a Velcro strap on the front and belly of your puppy, the jacket is very easy to wear. The base strap is very broad, so it protects the belly of your dog but there are no brushes.

Bwiv Dog Raincoat

The jacket is made from a thin, respiratory fibre, perfect for summer showers, but not as cold. It also comes with a hat, which gives your dog’s head and neck extra rain cover.

The jacket is also equipped with a slot for fastening a belt and reflective strips for night visibility. There is even a little pocket so that your dog can get his cookies or poop sacks. There is even a little pocket.

Available in various colours, including a very vivid yellow shade, with four different sizes for several dog races.

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture

This is not the raincoat for any dog there, and if your dog isn’t a fan of being coated, you should stop it entirely. But if you are after full coverage for your fuzzy bug, the coat of Alfie Pet is $20.99. As you opt for full coverage. A lot more realistic alternative for dogs with a broader neck and head than the standard mask, when it simply remains in place! 

Alfie Pet Raincoat

The long neck with viewing is! We love to cut the hood part so that your pup can play freer while protecting your body from the storm. However, while the suit is perfect for dogs with a heavy coat, it might be a little baggy for your skinnier pups such as greyhounds.

OHF Waterproof Dog Coat Quilted Reflective Cloak

The OHF cloak dog raincoats are made more like a horse blanket which may be less realistic, but it is indeed very helpful for dogs that can’t clothe themselves properly. For heavy, coated dogs the belted tail is also a very popular option, as it provides a closer match without becoming uneasy. 

OHF Waterproof Dog Coat

If you deal on a very small budget, this dog raincoats are also the perfect choice. The anti-static velvet lining which keeps your pup warm without the winter shocks and the variety of colors is a pretty great bonus, though, is our favorite thing about this coat.

Evelove Large Dog Raincoats

If the dog raincoats paint is not light green, look at it as it is available only in bright lime green. This thin, full coating raincoat will suit dogs from 20lbs to 85Lbs, even with the paint. This is cool, lightweight. The generous room around the rear end is our favorite attribute of this raincoat.

Evelove Dog Raincoats

It sounds odd, certainly, but you understand how important it is to have a big enough opening for potty breaks if you have ever had to clean dogs poop off a dog Jacket! The elasticated sleeves have also been found to help provide a safer fit.

Barbour Wax Dog Coat

Barbour is known for its wax jacks dog raincoats, which Wax Dog Coat is part of its wax jacket portfolio in Olive. This washable coat ensures your dog looks chic and protects it from elements.

These dog raincoats are made of wax cotton and features the traditional Barbor look. It has a tartan and a shawl necklace. And easy to build, even though it does not provide any underbody protection, and is easily fitted over the back of your dog. It is secured by a buckle and a front velcro strap with a bottom strap. A slight opening is also provided to accommodate a belt under the hat.

Barbour Dog Coat

It is more suitable for showers in spring and fall, but there isn’t any extra insulation. This Tartan Wax Dog Coat is the same waterproof indoors, but still has a fleece lining for keeping your dog warm as long as you have a warmer Barbour jacket during the colder months. Available from Small to Extra Large in 4 sizes.

JoyDaog Premium Outdoor Sports Waterproof Raincoat

Even if the dog raincoats JoyDaog looks a little different, it is an excellent option for dog owners who look for a lighter and respiratory jacket that is not too restrictive. It is also a perfect option for late-night and early morning walkers with two reflective lines around the bottom.

JoyDaog Waterproof Raincoat

It’s not an enduring cover because it is not suitable for wedges needing a little warmer, but it’s a sturdy option that you can enjoy during the spring and autumn, and even during the winter, in Florida!

Do4U Dog Raincoat

When we first saw this raincoat, we were, to say the least, doubtful, but we chose to give it a shot after we read the reports of other parents. What makes us ask the consistency of this coat is that it looks pretty thin and very slim, but the fabric was one of our favorites? 

Do4U Raincoat

This is an economical option if you’re looking for dog raincoats to bend for the dog and don’t tighten up when they run. The only thing we don’t like about this coat is the minimal range – for those looking for more feminine choices, you can pick shiny yellow or blue.

Ezer Waterproof Dog Coat

The Ezer dog raincoats are pleasant coat with a luminous and reflective texture that makes dawn and dawn safer for your dog. The outside nylon sheet is water-resistant, lightweight and the inner furnace is a light fleece for convenience and hot. 

Ezer Dog Coat

We like this coat’s nice fit, but not so tight that it prevents free movement and can also fold down your safe collar for the more active period of your dog. However, for this jacket, there is only one color choice, so if you’re not a neon yellow and Black fan, it’s unlucky.

Hurtta Downpour Waterproof Dog Suit

The Downpour waterproof dog raincoats from Hurtta is difficult to top for the best in rain safety. The cloth is durable and dirtproof and does not rustle when the dog moves. However, this jacket has no more padding and therefore offers no cold cover.

The jacket has reflection to make your dog more obvious at night and a hidden slot to tie a collar to the jacket.

Hurtta Downpour Dog Suit

It can be used in 21 sizes from a back length of 25cm to 70cm, with many variations for various leg lengths. The jacket also has a nice change while fitted, meaning that nearly all dogs will match very well. Two colors – black and green camo – are available. This camo version of Permethrin has been treated to guard against insects like mosquitoes, horseflies, and ticks, but it is important to note that this is toxic to cats.

Fabdog Packable Dog Raincoat

There are some things we love about this raincoat and it will be if we were to nominate our favorite raincoat coat style. The raincoat Fabdog is equipped containing a built-in bag, the coat is packed in nine different colors and six different dimensions and looks more like a child’s coat than a horseman or dog coat. We prefer this cover instead of full-fledged downpours to mild showers or drizzles; but why not duck to shelter again if you are trapped in the downpour?

Fabdog Dog Raincoat

Proplums Dog Jacket Adjustable Lightweight Raincoat

The first thing about these dog raincoats we would applaud is that it comes in a nice variety of dimensions that are in fact about the right sizes! The pull-over style makes even though you’re in a rush easier to put on. This one can be picked up by dogs of 12 to 25″ in length. This is a non-confining coat that is an advantage for your athletic dogs, but it has one of them (which, for safety reasons, we generally snip right off). All in all, this lightweight coat is good for lighter showers and it’s suited to larger babies at a cost of less than $20.

Proplums Dog Jacket Raincoat

HugeHounds Extra Large Dog Raincoat

We are now an enthusiast of the larger dog and sometimes confused when items are labeled in large dog sizes and can suit a large spaniel. Then you’ll enjoy the HugeHounds brand if you are great dog owners, like most dog owners. Their dog raincoats are big enough to suit even the highest races (Saint Bernard, we’re talking about you!) and you will love it! HugeHounds certainly strike the nail on this one, long enough to cover the dog’s entire length behind it and with a hood that suits those large blocked heads.

HugeHounds Dog Raincoat

Pets at Home Ripstop Dog Jacket

This Ripstop Dog Jacket from Pets at Home suits the bill if you opt for a high-performance dog raincoat that is easy to wear.

The durable dog raincoats keep your dog safe, while the inner fleece keeps them cozy and comfortable. Your dog will comfortably be placed on the jacket, with velcro bands on its forehead and under its belly.

Ripstop Dog Jacket

This raincoat has a reflecting trim to increase the visibility of your dog at night. There is even a slot on the end so that you can accommodate a bar below the cover.

This jacket is available in various colors, from X-Small to X-Large in various sizes.

American Kennel Club Jelly Wellies Premium Quality Raincoat

A big brand name does not necessarily signify a good product, but it does. The Jelly Wellies raincoat has lovely comfortable yet water-resistant covering, but we most love to protect the bottom of your puppy. We enjoy the reflective strip on the backside of the coat but we’re not on the collar – simply because it looks like it’s made for dogs with a shorter neck and a round head.

American Kennel Club Raincoat

Medium Dog Bee Raincoat With Hood

This is another four-sleeve jacket, a smaller to medium raincoat that can be difficult to place on wiggly dogs, but offers complete coverage to avoid wet dogs falling onto couches! Why is the bee raincoat referred to? That’s because, on the back of it, there are two unnoticeable bee wings, which are nice and darn, and two hood antennas. The hood itself was less operational, but we had to include it in our list, but the cut from this raincoat is ideal for beagles, juniper, and small hounds.

Medium Bee Raincoat With Hood

Fosinz Waterproof Soft Jacket

The water-resistant Fosinz soft dog raincoats suit the bill if you are looking for something camo rather than light neon. Although the logo of this jacket is not large, it is used to keep your pup’s neck dry and is forgotten as it is too simple to put on the jacket fit. We’re not recommending this multi-hog jacket or dog park playdates so you can catch those toggles on your teeth, but you can’t get wrong with it if you want a plain, cheap, under-20 dollars raincoat.

Fosinz Soft Jacket

RUFFWEAR Waterproof Rain Coat

This water-resistant dog raincoats are the high-quality, light raincoat for dogs from Ruffwear. Made from a high-quality nylon sheet made from 70/210D and a PU layer, it provides excellent rain cover and good free movement. These dog raincoats are not isolated though, but it is more appropriate for rain showers in summer.


The jacket is fitted with the gap over the head of your puppy, and then the bottom part is secured using rubber hocks. The jacket protects the shoulders and part of your dog’s abdominal body so it has decent protection. It has a high collar that provides additional rain cover.

Reflective stripes can also enhance the visibility of your dog at night, making it useful for protection. However, this won’t be appropriate if you like to wear it over a harness, because it doesn’t have an opening to clip to the top of the garment. You would fit it on top of the coat if you wish to wear a belt.

Reflecta-Glow Reflective Waterproof Adjustable PVC Pet Raincoat

We wouldn’t forget to mention this raincoat’s dismal neon green color, but if you don’t have an eye strain, a red version is accessible. A short to medium-sized dog coat that gives your dog plenty of space to walk freely. We enjoy both the reflective strips and the cap fit. This is nice to repel water, too, but the one thing we’re not major fans of is that it’s a little bit harder to draw on the forearm long sleeves. Overall, though, this is a good idea for your early risers or late walkers who like going out walking their dogs while they are already dark.

Reflecta-Glow Waterproof  PVC Pet Raincoat

ThinkPad Outdoor Adventure Winter Dog Jacket

This small, waterproof ThinkPet dog raincoats provide excellent value for a wrapped cover. Made of Blackshark, it is a resistor to water, wind, and snow-resistant fabric. The jacket is also insulated so that the air outside is warm to your puppy.

It has a large hole, which connects the lead to a strap that is enclosed in an adjustable double zip that is waterproof.

ThinkPet Winter Dog Jacket

It fastens at the front and under the belly of a dog and uses velcro attachments for easier fit. The pads themselves are easy to fit.

The first is a padded collar and the second is made with a thermal reflector to make your dog colder. There are two variations for the dog raincoats. Both types of jackets use reflective colors to increase the visibility of your dog in dark conditions.

WeatherBeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat

Weathers also make dog coats, including this durable Deluxe Dog Blanket, the most well-known for their horse rugs.

Comprises 220g of Polyfill Isolation for extra temperature, and is made of a durable and breathable 1200D waterproof outer layer. The layer style protects the chest of your dog, and the big belly band helps keep the belly warm and dry for your dog. An extra big collar offers more security from the elements.

WeatherBeeta Parka Dog Coat

The jacket is easy to install and attached to the belly band by touch-tape closures. The rear jacket over your dog’s rear legs often comes with elasticated braces.

It also has a hole for connecting a belt to a strap underneath the jacket and reflective lines for additional night protection.

Disponible in different shapes and colors with a choice ranging sizes of between 25cm and 80cm.

Go Above the Trick

Rain equipment for dogs certainly makes the wet season bearable, but you should do other options for healthy and enjoyable rainy daily walks.

  • Thoroughly dry them after walking to make your dog warm up faster (and keep from soaking the furniture, of course).
  • Quick potty breaks in protected areas are ideal for rain-shy dogs.
  • Don’t restrict their walks if your dog likes rain! Rain isn’t going to hurt (but make sure you have your umbrella or rain jacket, and good waterproof boots to stay dry).
  • • Puddles are ok, just don’t let your dog drink from a puddle full of bacteria, oils, and other icky things that can be agitated by the rain.
  • Listen to your dog if in doubt. If they wish to remain in the rain or not, they will let you know.

How to Choose a Waterproof Dog Rain Coat

There are several different styles of coat to choose from, but how do you pick your dog’s best rain gear?


  • Waterproof dog jackets come in various materials, as with raincoats for the people.
  • Wax cotton (like Barbour jackets) and nylon are the most popular. The advanced nylon jackets are also attractive.
  • Certain rain jackets have also added isolation and are suitable for the winter months. You can choose a lightweight jacket without any additional padding if you are looking for a rain jacket for the summer rains.


The simplest version of a dog raincoat sits over your body and is fixed by a strap under your belly. They are easy to match, but they give your dog less protection and are not as nice to sit while your dog is highly busy.

You should purchase a durable dog coat with an underbelly cover for more extensive protection from elements. These coats provide extra materials under the chest of the dog that helps with a level of protection against the underbelly.


Waterproof leg-fitted dog coats have the greatest protection, as they keep your top leg sections dry and cover your lower legs. However, they can take a little more time and won’t match all puppies. Coats are only available for the forelegs or all four legs with cover.

You can check a dog coat with a belt hole if your dog wears a harness. This can vary in size and location, so it is appropriate for your harness.


Any jackets are fitted simply by putting the strap below the back of your dog. Jackets that provide more protection have to be a little more involved – some of them have to be pulled over the head of the dog, and others have to fit in their front legs. When buying fur, it’s vital to keep this in mind, since certain dogs do not want to wear those coat styles.

We hope that our short-listed best 25 dog raincoats, tips and buying guides of buying a raincoat will help you enough to find out the best products for your best friend. Happy Reading……

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