Safari Professional Nail Trimmers for Dogs

Safari Professional Nail Trimmers for Dogs: Review-Pros & Cons

Safari professional nail trimmers for dogs are made of stainless steel of the highest quality and have a long-lasting, sharp trim. Nail cutting should be your dog’s daily grooming part. It is necessary to preserve the nails properly cut for your pet’s well-being. Make sure that your dog is adapted to make the journey fun by clipping his nails at an early age and by growing the connection between you and your dog. The Safari professional nail trimmers for dog are a reliable, inexpensive choice for basic nail cutters for your medium-sized dog.

Safari professional nail trimmer for dogs

What is a Safari Professional Nail Trimmers?

These dog nail clippers, made from high-quality stainless steel, offer a durable and sharp edge to ensure your pet’s nails look best. The secure grip handle makes it easy to stick with your trimmer and keep you and your pet safe.

Also, the safety stops for avoiding injuries while preserving correctly trimmed nails included in Stainless-Steel Safari Professional Nail Trimmers. Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs, they take care of your animals at night. Those who are scared from electric dog nail grinder, can easily use this nail trimmer.

Descriptions of Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs:

Safari Professional Nail Trimmers for Dog has the utmost stainless steel to have a robust, sharp cutting point. Nail cutting should be your dog’s daily grooming part. It is necessary to preserve the nails properly cut for your pet’s well-being. Make sure that your dog adapts to make the journey fun by clipping his nails at an early age and by growing the connection between you and your dog.

  • Free grip.
  • Weekly trimming is part of the maintenance routine.
  • Suitable for medium to large races.
  • Trim the nails of a dog right after washing for best performance.
  • Add baby oil to make the nail quick clear.
  • Stop protection avoidance of damages and clip off a short amount and wait a week before cutting again when animal nails are long.
  • Suitable for medium to large size dogs.

Key Features of Safari Professional Nail Trimmers:

  • Safari Professional Nail trimmers for dogs come from the finest grade stainless steel, offering you a long, sharp, time-proof finish.
  • Easy built to have a secure, non-slip grip to hold the grip of your dog’s nails in place. It also aims to avoid painful injuries what is excellent for professionals as well as pet owners.
  • Features a tension spring double-bladed cutter that makes fast and clean cuts. This makes nails less of a chore and is perfect for the left or right use.
  • Creative safety stop dramatically decreases accident risk.
  • Safari Professional Nail Trimmers for Dog have premium equipment and comforts made for your furry pet.
  • Nobody wants to cut nails too short for their cat, but that happens. Safari Pet Styptic Powder is still a perfect way to stay in touch. Place powder on nails with pressure literally to avoid bleeding caused by nail trimming easily.
  • room your pooch withCertified Safari Professional Nail Trimmers for Dogs to keep you dressed for your best.

Different Nail Trimming and Maintenance Products of Safari

 Safari Dog Nail File
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Safari Guillotine Dog Nail Trimmer (Small)
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Safari Dog Deluxe Nail Trimmer
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Safari Dog Nail Trimmer
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Nail Care Applications Retains nails plane and healthy.Only for nail care and trimming.Only for nail care and trimming.Only for nail care and trimming.
Available Sizes One SizeSmall, LargeOne SizeOne Size
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Pros of Safari Professional Nail Trimmers

  • Professionally built for all dogs’ life processes, Safari is a portable dog trimmer. Due to its friendly and convenient and powerful sharp edge, most pros use this trimmer for big breeds.
  • Safari Professional Nail Trimmers has a secure grip that helps you to retain balance while you cut your dog’s nails. During the procedure, you avoid painful wounds to your animal.
  • This dog nail trimmer is on other daily pet nail trimmer’s list because of certain exceptional features exclusive only to Safari.
  • The Safari Professional nail trimmers for dog uses the highest quality steel material. It is exclusive. This provides you with a durable, sharp cutting edge for longer trimming.
  • Safari Specialist is a double-bladed trimmer, suitable for left or right applications. This makes it easier to trim your wrath mate. Cutting your nails will make your dog less stressful.
  • The Safari nail trimmer for dogs provides a relaxed and non-slip grip which helps you to keep hold of your dog’s nails while trimming.
  • The best part is that there is a new safe stop that prevents your dog from injury while being trimmed. This measure of precaution makes Safari a very sought-after instrument for your doggie.
  • The rubber grip offers a decent quantity of padding which prevents you from sliding your hand and makes clippers secure in a variety of respects. Besides, you should not have to open the blades after each nail manually by the friction spring.
  • But these nail trimmers are pretty little — they’ve got 5 inches long and the grip is just about 3″ — so all four of the fingers cannot fit into the grip if you have big hands.

Cons of Safari Professional Nail Trimmers

Some consumers indicate that they it should more sharp: Some customers say that they got the trimmers and were not as sharp as they expect. If you do, you can give them back to replace them, or you can even sharpen the boundaries with a kitchen or household sharper.

How will it work?

Using the clippers to grip the paw tightly to sever the end of the nail in a single stroke to stop short (the blood vessel found inside the nail). Make sure the secure stop is blocked when the clippers are in operation to avoid coupling nails too short.

Use the tool to cut a small amount and replay each 7-10 days before nails have the perfect length if you have a very long pet nail. This approach is highly applicable because the nails of a pet develop and will grow quickly if the nails get overgrown.

What Do Customers Say?
  • This nail trimmer is a must-have to any dog owner, having received a score of 4.6 stars in over 3,600 ratings.
  • “I have such a black German shepherd with incredibly thick nails and tried to cut them very hard,” reads one five-star comment. “These nail clippers slices like butter by his nails. I will use these simple ones to easily and less traumatically clip my dog’s nails.”
  • “I didn’t expect much of them to be honest, but I’ve taken an opportunity. However, shocked I was that these were easy to use and each time gave a completely clean-cut,” other reads. “My girl let me cut her nails fit (high because we usually have to wrestle her to allow me to cut her nails).”
  • Any shoppers have found that these nail trimmers are bigger so that you might not be suitable for dealing with your pet if you have little hands.

Alternative Professional Nail Trimmers

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor

Boshel dog nail clipper is well-known as one of the best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor.

Friendly design for users:   The reliable dog nail clipper is built to keep you relaxed when caring for your pet at home and has comfortable, simple handles that are non-glossy and ergonomic to keep you secure in place to make it easy to use and avoid unintentional cuts and nick-free activity.

Safety stop works as the swift sensor: This pet grooming clipper equips conveniently with a safety stop blade that decreases the possibility of shortening the nails and hurting the dog too easily.

Bonus: The free Mini Nail File included with the file strategically locates in the left handle of the cutter when cutting the nails of your dogs and cats.

Professionals are recommended to use: The Dog Nail Cutter is an ergonomic, reliable and user-friendly pet blackout and is endorsed by animal vets, veterinarians, skilled pet groomers and thousands of happy customers as the perfect pet Nail Cutters for the medium and large dogs and cats. Additionally, The pet’s nail clamps are made of high quality, 3.5 mm thick, sharp stainless-steel blades, perfect for fastening the nails of your dog into one single piece; they will stay sharp, stress free, fast, and fast cutting over the next few years.

  • Usage is fast.
  • One of the best dog nail clippers
  • Excellent efficiency in trimming
  • Secure for dogs 100%
  • Clippers and trimmer for high quality and durable nail
  • Both Dog Sizes Works (Medium and Big)
  • A Secure Choice
  • Maybe it is not suitable for little pups
  • The trimmer is incredibly strong and sharp, meaning that you have to be extra careful with the product.
Safari Professional Nail Trimmers

Dog Nail Clippers by Simply Pets

About This Item
  • First developed for animal protection – Our dog clipper has a precaution to shield the dog from combining.
  • Simple to use – Built for their, own pets and in the clinic by two veterinarians for regular use ergonomic and rubber-coated handles – Simple handles for convenient grip and safe nail trimming
  • For big dogs and little animals – pet clippers for canines, cats, and other animals.
  • Created by two 30-year veterinarians – checked every day on dogs.
  • Again, Simply Pets Tool has an ergonomic build with a non-slip handle identical to other dog’s nail clippers with sensors, which is available to make sure the clipping experience is secure. The handles are also rubber-coated, so you can feel secure and rely on them to avoid possible injuries.
  • According to the manufacturer, two veterinarians made single pets dog nail clippers and a lot of thinking was put into the design. The clippers, for example, contain a fast safety sensor, but you can drop this security protection to cut small breeds of nails.
  • The sheets on the cutters are made of high-quality stainless steel, but after a round of trimming sessions, they appear dull. Particularly on large dog’s thick claws, the blades did not feel sharp enough, so for medium breeds, these are definitely the best.
  • Finally, we noticed stories of clippers being broken or shook after being used for a bit, as we looked at what other pet owners think of the items.

Ergonomic style, anti-slip handles rubber-coated, stainless steel blades, a quick snapshot that can be removed


Only one size and color, a few clipping reports are broken easily, not sharp appropriate for large thick nails

Safari Professional Nail Trimmers

Dremel Paw Control 7760-PGK Electric Dog Nail Grinder

The Dremel Dog Nail Grinder is a top choice for those who want a premium option. This grinder uses the Dremel 7300-PT (as reviewed above) to increase the grooming operation by installing a variety of features on its end. This includes an ideal 45-degree nail safety guard, a 9-piece accessories package, and four-speed settings between 8000 and 25000 RPM.

  • Pet Nail Grinder in experienced grades
  • Lithium-ion cell rechargeable
  • Requires an optimum grind angle of 45 degrees nail guard
  • Complete with nine separate system grinding attachments.
  • Deals for all dog types, including big dogs;
  • The producer guarantees 2 years
  • USB battery, wall charger, laptop or external battery
  • 4 speeds from 8000 rpm to 25000 rpm, from a medium to a high duty
  • Price over other molding machines
  • Can be loud at top speed.
Safari Professional Nail Trimmers


Should I cut the nails of a dog?

Yeah. Yes. Yes. If the nails of a dog get too long, they may pain walking and movement. Long nails impair the ability of your dog to correctly distribute its weight which may result in injury.

How many times do I cut the nails of my dog?

The nails of your dog can never grow too long while your dog usually sits, they brush the ground. Although the precise time between clippings depends on your dog’s lifestyle, you should normally try to trim your dog’s nails regularly so they won’t be too big.

Why do I have to cut a dog’s nails on Safari professional nail trimmer?

On the market, there is a range of various kinds of dog nail trimmers. You should also use a licensed Safari nail trimmer that is able to easily and effectively file your dog’s nails down the protection option to keep you from cutting your dog’s nails too short. If your dog’s nails are trimmed by a nail trimmer first, you may want to try using a Safari specialist nail trimmer as the Professional Nail Trimmer is able to rounds off any rough edges so that the nails don’t get picked up on the furniture or flooring.

How will I securely cut the nails of my dog via Safari?

Do not cut your dog’s nails too short, so it hurts them and makes it hard to walk with the licensed Safari nail trimmer. Dogs have soft tissue within their nails, which they call swift, and they can start to bleed if you unintentionally pin it when trimming.

Help! My dog doesn’t want his nails to trim me!

There are some ways the dog can be taught to cut his or her nails. A common technique is to spread the butter from the peanut on a plate or spoon so you can encourage your dog to lick it. Ensure there are no chemical sweeteners in peanut butter that are harmful to dogs, such as xylitol.

The Decision

You will want to move on these trimmers if you want a trimmer to remove small dogs or puppy nails since they are made for bigger nose beds. They too are on the bigger side, so it might be a little if you lack the stamina for heavy equipment. Nail trimmers are super-accessible, well designed, and extremely easy to use. If, though, you are searching for a pair of durable trimmers that can also cope with the thickest nails, Safari Professional nail trimmers are a steal for just €15.0 per person. Their size is very good, as long as you don’t trust the safety stop too much.

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